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Welcome to the Wei Chi University,

As a non-traditional learning place we offer a diversity of courses and paths of studies.  We at this time are not accredited and may or may not ever pursue that.  We will at some point have classes that receive CEU credits, as that is where we see the world headed, as to what is important to today’s learner. 


To be part of Wei Chi University is to have a desire to acquire knowledge, wisdom, tools, and skills sets that you wish you utilize to make your world and the world a better place.  We encourage people to expand who they are and to step more into what they are here today. 


As classes and courses expand we have the following criteria: The information being offer must offer the ability to empower and enrich the students life, as well as all the life’s they touch.  It should never encourage lazy, limited or close minded thinking, judgment of any kind, and it must promote the highest level of discernment.  The learner is encouraged to question the material and the instructor in a productive and growth orientated way.  The job of the facility, here at Wei Chi University, is provide you tools, skills, and above all else opportunities to better develop your critical thinking skills.


The Process of Empowering One To Heal Oneself.

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