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Spiritual & Personal Development School



The Human Spirit, the American spirit, Spirit of an Age, Spirit of Man, and just plain Spirit.  This school offers a wide variety of classes on not only what is spirit and how to better connect with your inner spirit and the larger Spirit but also offers you a number of different insights on the nature of Spirit versus religion. 


Each person is on a journey to their greatest self. Some need to find the path to begin that journey. To stay focused on their path, some need gentle course direction or adjustment. Others need to be poked and prodded.


It's common during that process that the learner's belief systems, realities, and truths shift and change as they leave behind previous lessons and examples from their early years. Some stay stuck, living there through the eyes of their parents or other childhood influencers.


For those with the commitment to discover and follow-through on their journey, Wei Chi University offers the classes, courses, and TAP (Transformational, Academic, & Professional) Programs to support the Transformational segment, as a solid beginning. As development continues, the learner can find additional knowledge in courses that address the Academic and Professional segments of TAP. Most importantly, the Wei Chi learner understands the goal here is living the happier, more empowered and better-actualized life of being whom they chose to become in this lifetime.    

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