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School of Natural Healing


So much of our Western healing methods have their beginnings in the healing practices of the Indigenous people. We start by trying to understand why something worked and then tried to build on that knowledge to make it better or more accessible. At Wei Chi University, we believe that there are still researchers who are guided by this continuous seeking of healing knowledge. However, we recognize that the funding element required by most research tends to skew the motivation towards profit rather the health. Efforts to patent certain formulae may result in unnecessary side effects that the original natural remedies never presented.   There was a time when medical arena was cautious around medication and prescribed it sparingly, only when necessary. This practice allowed the body to heal itself naturally, by design. We believe that current attidudes towards liberal medication can cause as many problems as they solve. Sometimes more  The goal of the School of Natural Healing is to present healing in its original intention: To Make Whole.  To recognize that the individual has four integrative parts of themselves, all of which must be examined and considered, for the true longterm healing to take place.  To heal is to make whole! The courses and classes at Wei Chi University will discuss how to naturally support the physical health of the body and also the emotional health of the heart, the intellectual health of the brain and the spiritual health of the soul.To heal the whole person.  We are reaching out to healers of all four aspects (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual) from around the world, to share their knowledge and help you, our learners, to grow in your Wholeness. 

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