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TAP (Transformational, Academic, & Professional) Program


The TAP Programs are intense, intimate programs where one of our faculty will facilitate a live class on a weekly basis for a small group of people. This format is designed to move learners to their level and "TAP" into their greatness. These Group Mentorships programs fall into three categories: Transformational, Academic and Professional.




These TAP mentorship programs will heps its participants evolve spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. There will be a stated intention in the 12-week program description. We recognize that the path to Transformation is not always easy. Therefore, the faculty leading each group will be available for private consultaion, at a discounted rate for our learners. The faculty selected to lead these intense groups are required to have experience in their own practice as it relates to the content of the course bing offered.


Although these are not group therapy sessions, the learning experienced will be accelerated by the deep sharing , compassionate support and rigorous honesty by the group members, Learnes should be prepared to participate fully in this process.

Each group will have the ability to renegotiate the length and scope of their specific program. With group agreement and cooperation, it can become a closed group, upon the written signing of a confidentiality document.




These TAP Academic programs are a hybrid between virtual classroom learning and online self-study, where there will be a weekly remote interactive component, to support the materials.


If the class chooses, they may collectively decide to become a "closed class" and take additional courses together, providing they meet the minimum class size and cooperatively agree to the new agreement. In a closed class, learners have the benefit of intimately exploring their group dynamics at a deeper level, enhancing the experience and the practical application.

There will be some programs that will crossover and fit into more than one area and adjustments will be made accordingly.

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