Web of Light Expo Speaker Series

As the world has changed throughout 2020, so has the way that the Web of Light Expo has chosen to fulfill its mission of weaving a web of light. In 2021, Dr. Kevin and the Web of Light Expo will be bringing together some of the most powerful speakers, educators, healers, and intuitive teachers, to help you grow and thrive through these challenging times. Each of these live events will be available here for purchase as affordable, individual classes.

Beyond 2020

Donna Bass
5 Tips to Staying Healthy in the Time of Covid

I have prepared 5 easy self-care tips to stay healthy during the COVID outbreak.  These 5 tips are simple, enjoyable, and even effective! These will be habits that will remain long after 2020 has passed from memory.

Rhayne Thomas
Heal Your Heart Through Laughter & Music 

A fun and inspiring way to add a little happiness to a conference, staff meeting/training or corporate event. For 45 minutes to an hour, I will read and speak about humorous excerpts from my books as well as life and give uplifting quotes and songs that everyone can take with them when a situation seems bleak and you need a push to get past it. 

Karen Campbell
Honoring Our Losses

The healing meditation, Honoring Our Losses, recognizes the various losses that we experience, our right and need to grieve all of our losses. Healing is recognized as an evolving journey.

Wendy Darling
It's Never Too Late to Create a Miraculous Life

This period of time may have taken the ‘wind out of your sails.’  It's time to recharge and ‘jumpstart’ your life.  Come experience ways for you to get on track with creating your miraculous life.

Kevin Ross Emery
Creating Your Best New Year

2020 was a doozy! Now, as we have entered 2021, it is the time to see where you have come from, where you are, and how to create the best new year you are capable of having. Creating Your Best New Year will teach you techniques and how to apply them to move into your best new year. 

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